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Sunrise Garage Door Contractor – Reviews & Testimonials



Since first introducing our services, Sunrise Garage Door has been able to cater for a variety of individuals. We believe that their words speak far louder than any of ours.

Last night, the cheap China-made spring broke on one of my garage doors. I called first thing this morning and the job has been completed efficiently and done right! I wish I’d had BJ’s expertise available when I replaced my three garage doors over 8 years ago. BJ found a few other issues that will shorten the life of my doors and already quoted me on the needed repairs. Rest assured that I’ll contact Sunrise whenever I have a garage door need.

Robbie Roberts

Prompt service! Fixed in a few hours from the time the problem was reported. No other phone numbers that I called even answered the phone.
Corey Morasch

Called in problem and they were over to fix my door within a couple of hours. Stayed late to get everything completed, very thorough and explained everything they were doing and were very pleasent to work with. I give them a A+ and would recommend them to anyone that needs garage door service.
Bryce Dallman

Great service. Very knowledgable. You can tell they know what they are doing and they want their work to last and to be done right.
Chris McG.

My bracket on my garage door broke well it was installed wrong go figure anyways I called BJ and the next day (Saturday) he came and fixed it plus fixed another problem fixed by someone else. Would Highly recommend.
Kelly Stickler

I was very plese with the prompt service, knowledge and support that I received from these Gentlemen. I was happy about the quick repair and my garage door was better than new with new rollers, and reinforced EVERYTHING!! Thanks guys!


I am glad that we called these professionals to our house. not only did they fix our garage door, but they went the extra mile to help our garage door run smoothly. next time my garage door breaks, I am definately calling these guys again.

BJ and Tommy did a great job! Not just “fixing” the problem but explaining to me the what/where/and why that was causing the issue. They worked all day and stayed late to make sure that my garage door worked perfectly! They made sure that everything was running smooth because, as BJ said, “I do this work like it was on my own house.”
I’d highly recommend Sunrise to all my friends/neighbors!

I called and left a message. They promptly called back and took care of the issue the same day. Stayed late to get everything completed, very thorough and explained everything they were doing. Also insured our garage door would operate as it should. Great to work with and gave us tips on how to take care of our door opener. I was very pleased with their work and the cost was more than reasonable. Thank you BJ.
Randy L.

If you want work well done, you have to call BJ.Believe it or not, him and his crew work 7 days/week.I called on Sunday and sure BJ answered his phone.They showed up not even 1 hour later to free my car from the garage.BJ explained what he will do, prices and everything NO HIDING FEES.
If you have a job to give, don\’t hesitate call BJ.Other companies should take example on you for work extremely well done with so many explanations.
Thank you Mr. BJ

Nice job. I am happy with Sunrise

BJ and Tommy did an outstanding job on my garage door. They replaced my broken spring and rollers and reinforced everything. It has never operated as smoothly and quietly. I would highly recommend Sunrise.
Thanks guys!

Called Sunrise on a Sunday. Not only were they working but I had same day service and in a couple of hours my door was working better than it ever had. The price was very reasonable especially considering it was a Sunday!
Wes W

They had wonderful customer service. They came right out to my house within a couple hours of calling on a SATURDAY. They are very knowledgable and wanted to do the job right. In fact, after a few days, something was rubbing and making a noise. I called, and they came within the HOUR to fix the problem. They definitely back their work and care about their customers. Would recommend to anyone!
Nikkel Holmes

I called about a broken garage door & within a couple of hours they were at my house checking out the problem and helping to “free” my daughter\’s car out of the garage. They came back the next day with all the necessary parts, proceeded to “make a lot of noise” in the garage so my daughter said; with the end result being that my garage door has never operated as smoothly & quietly as it does now. BJ was very prompt, efficient, and believes in communication during the process. I would highly recommend this business to any of my friends and/or neighbors!
Julie Bresson

One of the best customer services I have ever gotten! Fixed better than new! Called to confirm everything worked to my liking…
I will recommend Sunrise to ALL my friends and family! Thank you guys!!
Sandy A – Star, Idaho

Excellent service and very prompt in responding to my phone call. BJ explained everything up front on what was wrong and how much the repair would cost. Very pleased with the work performed. I would highly recommend Sunrise for any garage door project.

Great Service. Completed the job 110%. Extensive knowledge of proper installation and doing the job correctly from start to finish. Would definitely call this company again. 1/16/12
Pam Wilson

I called up Sunrise and they came out promptly, informed me of the problem with my garage door, fixed it, reinforced it and I was very satisfied with their service and was put at ease with the information they provided me and their professionalism. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their service.

These guys are the best! Totally rebuilt my garage door and FIXED all the things wrong from the original contractor. SO impressed. Highly recommend these guys!!!

The guys arrived within two hours and completed the repairs and updating of old parts while they were there. Good job for a fair price. Thanks!
Larry Lemmo – Meridian, ID.

Top quality service. I wish my builder would have used this company in the first place – friendly, knowledgeable and went above and beyond in service. BJ is great.
Brian Underwood

I called Sunrise and BJ Parker and his crew were at the site that ame morning. They fixed the door, the motor and provided two new remotes for a very reasonable price. I called them because of their reputation for timely, professional, quality service at a good price and I was not disappointed. I highly recommend them.
Ken Eklund – McCall, Idaho

BJ did an excellent job. He responded promptly to our on-line inquiry and came to our home the next day. He was extremely knowledgable and very professional and effecient. It was obvious BJ takes pride in his work. His price is competetive. We would highly recommend BJ for your garage door repairs.
Dr.and Mrs. Mark Bondeson – Boise, ID.

BJ and his sons came out and were excellent at knowing and fixing this garage door which I thought was trashed. And they did not charge much. Thank you, BJ.
Gisela Woggon – Middleton, ID.

Best service they showed up when the appointment was set did a great job went out of their way to fix other problems and made made day great attitude will not leave until the job was done and done right thanks hard to find people like that.
Kasey Adams

What awesome service. First they came out on a Sunday to give a estimate on fixing a broken spring. Then they were there to fix the spring the next day and also made the door run smoother than ever. I also appreciate their willingness to workout payment. Will do business with Sunrise Garage Doors and recomend to family/friends in a heartbeat!!! Thank guys for the quality and speedy repair.
Tanya Childress – Nampa, ID

Execellent job! Old garage door and they fixed the cables and pulleys so they are good as new.
Jim Hall – Boise, ID

BJ and his crew were awesome! They were able to find the used panels I needed and because of their efforts I did not have to spend extra money on a brand new door so was able to repair my door much more cost efficiently. Thanks guys!!!
Amy Stang

Called on a Saturday planning to just make an appointment. Received a live person who came out shortly after, fixed my issues and performed a couple of extra items free of charge. Didn’t even charge extra for the fact that it was Saturday like many other places do. Would recommend services to anyone. Thanks!!
Jeff Foss – Meridian, ID

Were very professional as well as perfectionists. Didn\’t finish until they were perfectly satisfied with all the adjustments and work they put into my garage door.
Brian Allen

BJ and Tommy were very good, they fixed the problem I called them about, and took care of some, the installer should have done in the first place. When an electrical problem with the opener happened, (which was not there fault) BJ shared the cost. He is very picky and seems to make sure things line up and work good. thanks guys.. I would highly recommend them.
Roger – Boise, ID.

My garage door would not open. My car was stuck inside. What to do? After calling several garage door repair firms, I called Sunrise and ended up having one of the most pleasant experiences with repair people ever. Knowledgeable, experienced and down-right pleasant to work with. Prompt, honest, no BS from the word go. Thanks for doing a great job!!
Charles Shumard – Kuna, ID.

BJ and Tommy due an excellent job! They have reasonable prices and give you a quit before they do the work! The service was fantastic I called early on Monday and the were at my house at 4 pm. Thank you so much for your wonderful work!!!
Sabrina McFarland

I called early Friday morning for a broken spring on my garage and they were out within a couple hours to repair it. They even found a few issues from the original install of the opener over 10 years ago and fixed those problems for free. Great guys to work with and would definitely recommend Sunrise to anyone who needs garage door work done.
Sean S. – Nampa, ID.

Extremely prompt service from time of my call to repair. My older garage doors work like new. There is a great pride in BJ and his assistant in their work. I am so happy with the result and will recommend these guys with an A+ rating. Thank you guys for making a repair job a good experience. Oh, and the price is very reasonable. They go the extra mile.

Sure wish we had found BJ from the get go. After several issues with Boise Garage, BJ came and offered professional, knowledgeable, and friendly service. He took the time to explain our problem and fixed numerous issues that had repeatedly been overlooked in the past. We will only work with Sunrise Garage in the future.
Korey Hall – Boise, ID.

Sunrise Garage Door came out the next day when our garage door system broke late the night before. BJ explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it. They replaced our bad system with a much better one, and did a very thorough job. I highly recommend this company! He even came back the next day and replaced our bad rollers. Wow!
Stephanie Concidine – Middleton, ID

Something on our garage door broke, called another service,the other service would not come for almost a week, Sunrise came within a few hours, even in the snow storm, we wasnt expecting them to show, but they did, they fixed our door, made sure everything was just right before leaving, You dont find that kind of fast service too much, Thank You.
Christine McDaniel

I am so glad I called BJ to repair my garage door. He and Tommy did an awesome job the very same day I called. So nice to deal with someone “old school” as BJ says. He even answers his own phone. I would highly recommend them anytime to anyone!
Toni W. – Meridian, ID.

Very pleased with the service. We had a door that was installed incorrectly. BJ came in gave me a quote and did tons more work at no additional charge. He spent time going over everything with me and made sure I understood what they were doing. We have more repairs to do at a later time and will not hesitate to call them again. You can not go wrong hiring this company.
Jennifer W

None Better – None More Honest & Fair – None More Knowledgeable – If you need any garage work – call BJ Parker!
Bill Balding

After having recently having several bad customer service experiences despite great reviews, I took a chance and called BJ after reading great reviews here. I’m sure glad I did. He was prompt about everything from answering his phone to showing up when he said he would. He told us that he could no longer get good parts for our existing system and changed it out to one that will be easily fixed in the future. On Saturday morning we noticed that the door was letting in too much light and needed an adjustment. I sent an e-mail just asking if they would stop by sometime the following week. Before I knew it BJ was at my door, on Saturday, and made the necessary adjustment. Thanks for a great experience. Happy to recommend.
Becky S.

Excellent service and very prompt in responding to my phone call. I was in a panic because I could not get my car out of the garage to go to work. BJ fit me in right away in his busy schedule and came over to take a look. He explained everything up front on what was wrong and how much the repair would cost. Very pleased with the work performed. I defintely recommend BJ and Tommy for any gargage door repair.

I called late on Friday with a broken door. They came on Saturday at no extra charge.Fixed the door and corrected some existing problems with the original installation. BJ (the owner) was on the job. All at a reasonable price.

We called sunrise looking for a new garage door. They showed up with amazing product, with custom ordered parts that didn’t come with the door so it would last longer. Amazing job. BJ is an honest, man of his word. Showed up on time, worked fast and right. We would never go any where else. We are thrilled with our door!
Paul Rheaume

Freezing night Nov 2014. My garage door all of a sudden wouldn’t shut. I had tried everything I could think of as to why it wouldn’t shut but nothing worked. I called the only garage service that didn’t broadcast closure at 5 pm. The guys were still on the icy roads at 8 pm. They headed right over and fixed my garage door. Super nice guys and I’m so thankful for their prompt service! THANK YOU BJ!!!

BJ did a great job going the extra mile to repair our damaged door and correcting the issues from the initial installation that another company had done.Outstanding customer survice!
Dan Thompson

I have to say that I am very happy with the work that was done on our garage door. The motor was rebuild, multiple adjustments, and charge for the services was outstanding. They didn’t charge extra for the adjustments! I would recommend this company to anyone needing work done or a replacement garage door. Thank you B.J. for doing such an excellent job! Five star business!
Melissa Bronson

I was very impressed by the repairs done on our garage door—-and for about 1/3 of what another garage door company quoted. BJ explained exactly what they do and I was very impressed with their attention to detail and now know that all garage door companies are not created equal. Keep up the great work!
Darrell Humphrey

I hope if you’re reading this review, your garage door is closed and you’re not opening and closing it. TO DO SO CAN CAUSE WORSE PROBLEMS AND COST MORE $$$ FOR REPAIR!!! This is the first thing I learned from BJ. Wish I had known this gem of advice prior to his coming. BJ and Tom clearly know their business. This company does not charge a service fee to come to your home and give a free estimate. They had my door repaired in a couple of hours. The spring had broken and needed to be replaced. BJ recommended a locally made spring instead of the standard springs that are now made in China. Once the spring was replaced, BJ and Tom made other repairs without charging me extra. I am grateful to have my garage door operating again!
R. Johnson

This company and the service they provide is as good as it gets. Called BJ and he was at my door in less than an hour. Half an hour later and the door was beter than it was when it was installed. Great company,great people,great work,competivly priced. Thanks guys.
Kirt Weimer

BJ and company arrived when they said they would, analyzed the problem with the garage door, he made his recommendations on what needed to be done, we negotiated a price, he did what he said he’d do, guaranteed his work….doesn’t get much better than this!
Dave G

I would recommend sunrise garage doors to anyone, they did a great job at a fair price.

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